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Private accommodation to rent on the island of Korcula, Croatia

Find Korcula Accommodation

Check our comprehensive offer of island Korcula accommodation, Croatia. Private houses, apartments and rooms all available for you. We have most detailed descriptions available on the Internet, and our main mission is to present you our accommodation as accurately as possible, to avoid surprises when you arrive to booked accommodation. Besides for the detailed description of interior of accommodation units with pictures, for each house in our offer you can find many information and pictures of the exterior of the house, surrounding area and nearby beaches. We have more than 300 houses in our offer, which offer accommodation in private apartments and rooms, all possible to search based on more than 50 different criteria. And if you need more information other than those available on our web site, please contact us and we will call the owner and check anything you need. Feel free to check our offer, and contact us for any information you need.

More Info on Korcula Accommodation

Since 2006., travel portal specializes in providing high quality private accommodation on the island of Korcula, Croatia. We offer large selection of private apartments, houses and rooms to rent on the island of Korcula. All accommodation presented on our web site have been personally selected by our team, and we are constantly doing our best to present offered accommodation to you as accurately as possible - the satisfaction of our clients is our most important mission, and twe have identified the accurate description and presentation of accommodation to be the most important factor for avoiding suprises when you arrive to your booked accommodation. We boast with the most detailed descriptions of private accommodation to rent available, with detailed descriptions and pictures of not only apartments, but also houses in which accommodation units are located, the exterior of houses and the surrounding area, including beaches.


Why choose private accommodation?

Private accommodation is the best choice for your stay on the island Korcula for several reasons: there are many available accommodation, and you are able to find your own even in the high season, just few days before arrival. Of course, the earlier you book your accommodation, the wider the selection you have available, so we always advise our guests to book their accommodation in advance, but if you have decided only recently to come to Korcula, we can always find suitable accommodation for you. Another reason is the wide selection of accommodation types and units in private accommodation - you can choose your preferred accommodation ranging from affordable rooms and apartments to luxury villas with pools. And the third, and probably the most important reason is excellent price to service ratio. Due to the large number of private accommodation available, prices are very reasonable and set by the demanding and ever-changing market.


Why book with us?

The main reasons our clients choose our private accommodation booking service is the quality of the presentation, our experience with accommodation booking of the island of Korcula which extends from 2006., the speed and the availability of our customer service - we are available for contact 24/7, and the simplicity and the speed of our accommodation booking process. All your requests are answered within several hours, and at maximum 24 hours (if we are unable to reach the owner immediately for the confirmation of availability of requested accommodation units). Our prices are very competitive and we always try to apply discounts, whenever possible, like: holiday discounts, discounts for early booking, discounts for last minute booking and discounts for alternative accommodation (in the the case when originally requested accommodation was not available). We have the most detailed description available of our accommodation units and we are working very hard to keep the information accurate. We never accept owners submissions of pictures and information regarding accommodation units - each accommodation unit ha been personally checked by our team of specialists and added to our database to ensure 100 percent correct representation of accommodation unit and avoid subjective opinions. Each accommodation unit can be reviewed by past guests, to offer even more unbiased information for our future clients about the selected accommodation unit. 


Accommodation booking process

The accommodation booking process starts with your search of our comprehensive offer of private accommodation on the island of Korcula. When you find the accommodation unit that you would like to book, or just want to check the availability or need more information, you should enter the reservation request on our web site. Please be advised that sending the reservation request does not oblige you in any way, you are free not to confirm the reservation and that you can send reservation requests for several accommodation units in the same time. When we receive your reservation request, we will call the owner and check the availability of the selected accommodation unit. We will respond in 24 hours maximum, and usually we respond within just few hours - it depends on the availability of the owner of the selected accommodation unit. If the accommodation unit is available, we will send you the invoice, with detailed price calculation and the amount of the advance payment. By making the payment of advance, either by credit card or bank transfer, you confirm your reservation, and the selected period is marked as reserved on our web site. Within 24 hours, we will send you the Voucher, the document that serves as a proof of your reservation of accommodation and contains address and the position of the house, and contact details of the owner. The rest of the amount is paid directly to the owner, when you arrive to booked accommodation unit. If the requested accommodation unit is not available, we will forward you to our web site to search for another accommodation units, or if you wish we will send you offer of accommodation units similar to that originally requested. We try to keep the calendars for each accommodation units as up-to-date as possible, but since most private owners have their old guests, to avoid over-booking we must always call the owner to confirm that the requested dates are available in the selected accommodation unit. Whenever possible, we will try to add 5% discount for next accommodation unit, if the one initially requested was not available. Our reservation process is very simple, fast and reliable. More information can be found here: How to make a reservationPayment dynamics.

Additional information

Most of the private accommodation on the island of Korcula is offered in apartments and rooms, which are both standalone accommodation units within private houses. There are two main types of the apartments: regular apartments and studio apartments. Regular apartments are self-contained accommodation units which consists of one or more bedrooms, their own kitchen, and at least one bathroom, while studio apartments are a self-contained, small apartments, which combine living room, bedroom and kitchen into a single unit or with the sleeping facilities situated on the gallery. Usually, the owners of the house also live in the house, in their own standalone apartment. If an apartment you would like to rent shares, for example, a terrace or a garden with the owner, this information is clearly indicated on our web site. In most cases, you do not share anything with the owner. It is important to know that, according to Croatian tourist service categorization, all apartments and studio apartments must have a kitchen, so all apartments are self-catering type of accommodation.

We also offer accommodation in standalone holiday houses and rooms. Villas (holiday houses) are ideal choice if you want to have complete privacy, and be alone in the entire house. Since most accommodation rentals are organised as apartments rental (which means two or more apartments or rooms in one house) it is very hard to find entire houses available for rent, but the number of accommodation available in holiday houses is slowly growing each year. You can check our offer of holiday houses and villas on the island of Korcula. On the other hand, accommodation in rooms is perfect for urban areas, where one has lots of offer of food etc. because rooms which are available for rent usually come without the use of the kitchen, and if you choose this type of the accommodation, you will not be able to prepare own meals in booked accommodation. This type of an accommodation, is ideal type of for those who just need a place to sleep and a bathroom. There is also possibility of renting rooms with breakfast, commonly referred to as "bead and breakfast" ("b&b"). Please check our offer of accommodation in rooms on the island of Korcula and our offer of b&b accommodation on Korcula.

There exist 4 different type of accommodation: apartment (A), studio-apartment (AS), room (S) and house (K). Each accommodation unit in our offer is identified by a code, for example "A-219-c (4+1)". The first part is the type of the accommodation unit, followed by the number of the house, and then by code of the apartment in the house (in this case "c"). "4+1" signifies that there are 4 basic and 1 additional bed in the apartment. Since a room in apartment can have maximum 2 basic beds, this also signifies that there are 2 separate bedrooms un this apartment, and 1 additional bed, usually in the living room. Detailed information about number of rooms, number of beds, size of rooms, additional beds, type and location of additional beds etc. can be found in description of each accommodation unit in our offer. 

Accommodation units in our offer can be searched based on many different criteria. The main criterion is of course the date, but is you are not sure about the date you can search the offer without the entering the date. If your dates are not fixed, there is an option to search the offer by a specific date, but allow date variations, which will broaden the result of your accommodation search and allow you to change your dates according to the availability of the desired accommodation unit. Next important criterion is the number of persons. It is important to note that if you have found an apartment or house that you like, but you have a person or two above capacity, it is possible to send the inquiry for the available capacity and ask the owner is it possible to accommodate persons above capacity. This can be done in under "additional questions" while sending reservation request. Also, if your group is large, and there are no apartments large enough to accommodate entire group, you can select "in more than one accommodation unit" option, which will provide offer of houses with 2 or more apartment that can accommodate the entire group. Following criteria are also available: search by number of bedrooms, price, distance from the beach, air conditioning, sea view, Internet and pets. It is important to mention that all accommodation owners do not accept pets, and it is very important no to bring an unreported pet to a booked accommodation units. Luckily, wee have more than 170 owners who accept pets, so there should be no problem finding pet-friendly accommodation for your stay on the island of Korcula.