Tipple tourism: On the trail to find Grk

So, how far would you go for a drink? I journeyed to a land of scorpions and castrated goats on the trail of a strange beverage called ‘Grk’.

It is a wine with no vowels, grown on vines that have no pollination. I was heading on an adventure to a dazzling Croatian island visited by the wealthiest men on Earth, yet just a budget flight away for the rest of us.

Without realising it at the time, I was joining the multi-million-pound holiday trend of ‘tipple tourism’. I have always found that going on a holiday with a goal makes it like a quest, with all the excitement that entails.

This time it started in a London basement bar called The Phoenix Club on Charing Cross Road, frequented by a few ITV stalwarts. There, I found a bottle of this rare wine.

I’d never heard of Grk, but its story reads like a legend. This delicious white wine is produced against all the odds. It comes from vines that cannot replicate themselves, having only female parts.

Tipple tourism: On the trail to find Grk (that’s a wine made on a Croatian island)

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